Bring Products to Life

Consumers scan SimplyX NFC or QR codes directly on products with their phones to activate and engage with experiences, which offer authentication, exclusive content and improved connectivity.


Enhance products and maximize your digital marketing, with thoughtful campaigns connected through technology

The SimplyX System allows you to design and manage mini-mobile pages that will allow you to link your entire digital presence with real world items and products. Delivering engaging experience, your social media, your digital portfolio, your online store, video and more– directly to their devices.

Our campaigns create a collection of aggregated links to relevant sites, content, products, and social assets that keep people informed and engaged. You’ll have the freedom to develop and deploy multiple campaigns, helpful in segmenting and tailoring targeting messages to key demographics that improve impact and conversions.

You can also manage these campaigns in real-time, exchanging content and links to deliver the right message, to the right person, at the right time. Promoting engagements and creating dynamic and interactive experiences.

Measure interactions and evaluate engagement in real time

You will glean valuable consumer insights from the QR codes and NFC tags generated from our system, providing a look into what your customers and contacts see and share. Analytics will give you a window into how many times your campaigns have been viewed and give meaningful feedback on how your information is being consumed.

SimplyX is a solution that enables customers to connect and exchange information simply through interactive experiences. SimplyX creates an effective bridge between the real world and the digital world.

  • SimplyX - Simplifies Exchanges, connecting your entire digital presence, reputation, store, and marketing efforts to almost anything in the real world. Delivers all relevant information in a smart and effective bundle directly to their devices.
  • Brings Your Entire Presence Together – physical locations, email addresses, websites, social media platforms, online partners, shops, and marketing efforts.
  • Utilizes Contact-free Technologies, like NFC tags, QR codes, and more.
  • Updates in Real Time, allowing for dynamic marketing campaigns that are designed to send out the right messages at the right times.
  • Provides Analytics, a critical window for seeing real-world results, data that supports making intelligent business decisions.

Establish Trust

Build connected brands by sharing important information and details needed to boost buyer confidence. Inspire better consumer engagements with your brand, story, mission, and product.

Speak to Your Brand’s Story

Customers want to fall in love with your brand. By sharing your company’s story, mission, and “why” your audience can emotionally invest and connect with what you do.

Show Your Work

If your company is driving sustainable practices and supporting amazing causes, your market should be made aware of your efforts. You can reap the rewards when you show your customers the impact you are making and invite them to join.

Share Your Reputation

Providing amazing products and services is key to any successful business. In fact, approximately 72% of customers will not move forward in their buying journey until they’ve read reviews. Direct potential customers directly to your reviews and social links and establish trust.

SimplyX can help share your “digital reputation”

Promote Sustainability

Help your business create more sustainable marketing practices by implementing digital and ever-changing engagements with physical items. Layering in real value to packaging and merchandise and improving their usability, longevity to items that would normally be quickly discarded.

Learn more about other SimplyX digital solutions and develop sustainable business practices that are smart and truly help to make an impact.