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A QR code is short for Quick Response Code. They are two-dimensional scannable barcodes that when scanned direct smartphones or QR code readers directly to the digital information that they contain, such as text, URLs, or other data.
QR codes can deliver a range of applications. They can be used for marketing purposes, providing information about products or services, ease the sharing of documents and contact details, making payments, accessing websites, and much more.
For most mobile devices, simply open the camera app and point it at the QR code. Your phone will automatically recognize the code and direct you to a desired URL location, display assigned information, or open a prompt for further action.
Yes, With SimplyX you can not only create but also manage your own QR. Simply input the desired information or URLs and our generator will create a unique QR code for you to download and use.
QR codes themselves do not have an expiration date. However, the content they link to can be changed or removed by the creator. It's always a good idea to check if the QR code is still valid before scanning it.
Yes, QR codes are universally recognized and can be scanned by most smartphones with a built-in camera or a QR code scanning app. However, some older devices may require a dedicated QR code reader app.
QR Codes do not expire. However, any attached information often becomes outdated, and linked sites can expire, leaving QR codes virtually useless.
QR codes created with SimplyX can last indefinitely. Our platform allows for the management of information and links associated with QR codes. This means that our QR experiences can be updated, enhanced, or completely changed over time to ensure they not only remain active but also relevant to users.
QR Code usage is now more than ever for marketing purposes, payment services, and various industry verticals for other useful use-cases. Approximately 60-65% of people currently use QR Codes daily, and with the growing adoption of QR technologies this will only increase. 
The tracking of QR Codes is based on individual QR Code generator’s whether this feature is allowed and to what extent.
SimplyX’s dashboard allows you to track a QR Code based on its scan, frequency of the scan, and its directional links. 




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